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Letters of Commendation

  1. Bonus Letter Template
  2. Commendation for a Good Suggestion from an Employee
  3. Commendation for Product Removal
  4. Completion of Employee Probation (3 Months)
  5. Complimentary Letter for Employee Who Handled a Difficult Situation
  6. Letter Complimenting a Hotel
  7. Letter Complimenting Employee for Handling an Emergency
  8. Recognition of Several Years of Service
  9. Recommending an Employee to Senior Management for Excellent Work


  1. Acknowledgement of Resignation Letter
  2. Application Submission Acknowledgement
  3. Back Order Acknowledgement Letter Template
  4. General Appreciation Letter
  5. Maternity Leave Application Acknowledgement
  6. Response to an Online Inquiry
  7. Unsolicited Idea Acknowledgement Letter Template


  1. Announcement For The Company To Go Green
  2. Announcement Of A Change In Business Name
  3. Announcement Of Changes In The Current Pricing Policy
  4. Announcement of Death of an Employee
  5. Announcement Of New Business Opening
  6. Announcement Of New Hire
  7. Announcement Of Price Rollback For Catalogs
  8. Announcing a Price Increase
  9. Business Change of Address Letter
  10. Company Lunch Invitation Letter
  11. Company Memorandum About Wearing IDs All The Time
  12. Memorandum Regarding Changes In Company Policy
  13. Memorandum Regarding Holiday Treat For Employees
  14. Newly Hired Senior Manager Memorandum
  15. Notice For A Change In Mailing Address For Billing
  16. Notice For a Change In Operating Hours
  17. Notice For Closing A Business
  18. Notice for the Incorporation of a Company
  19. Notice Of Withdrawal From Bidding
  20. Notice On Changes Regarding Waived-delivery Charges
  21. Notification For The Arrival Of A New Shipment
  22. Notification Of Appointment Of New Area Representative
  23. Notification Of Impending Visit From An Area Representative
  24. Notification Of Partnership Buyout
  25. Reminder Regarding Annual Benefit

Apology Letters

  1. Apology And Proposed Settlement For An Overshipped Item
  2. Apology And Request For Extension For Delivery
  3. Apology And Tender Of Compensation
  4. Apology For Accounting Errors And Past-due Notices
  5. Apology For Client Refund Delay
  6. Apology For Mistaken Past-due Notice / Accounting Error
  7. Apology For Not Crediting Payment
  8. Apology For Order Cancellation
  9. Apology For Sending Incorrect Order Item
  10. Apology For Sub-standard Service
  11. Apology To Client Regarding Employee Rudeness
  12. Apology To Receiver Of NSF Check
  13. Overshipment Apology
  14. Sorry Letter And Notification Of Damaged Item Replacement



General Acknowledgements



  1. Letter of Refusal of a Project Offer
  2. Customer Satisfaction Survey Request
  3. Management Feedback Form
  4. Contract Cancellation Letter
  5. Warranty Claim Letter
  6. Formal Petition Letter
  7. Request for Advice regarding a Company Problem
  8. Refusal Letter for Gifts from Clients and Suppliers
  9. Formal Letter of Complaint to a Supplier
  10. Request Letter for Late Payments (Medical Bill)
  11. Warning Letter against Defamation
  12. Site Tour Invitation Letter to Customers
  13. Seminar Invitation Letter to Customers
  14. Direct Bill Letter for a Company Guest
  15. Approval Letter for a Newly Opened Credit Line
  16. Notice to IRS about a New Contact Person for an Existing EIN
  17. Request Letter for a Dependent to be added to Insurance
  18. Changes in Company Policy regarding Paid Holidays


  1. Warning Letter for Continuously Under-Performing Employee
  2. Congratulations Letter for Good Employee Performance
  3. Reprimand Letter for Poor Employee Performance
  4. Reprimand Letter for Unsatisfactory Work Performance
  5. Reprimand Letter for Poor Performance


  1. Recommendation Letter for a Former Employee
  2. Recommendation Letter for a Former Co-Worker
  3. Recommendation Letter for a Former Associate
  4. Letter Recommending a Candidate for an Internal Position in the Company
  5. Recommendation Letter for a Professional


  1. Manager’s Referral for an Employee
  2. Letter to Express Gratitude for a Referral

Rental / Lease / Loans

  1. Rental Contract Termination Letter
  2. Notice of Rental Price Increase
  3. Warning Letter to Noisy Tenants
  4. Due Date Extension for a Loyal Customer
  5. Letter Requesting Tenants to have Landlord included in Insurance
  6. Notice of Eviction
  7. Late Payment Warning to Tenants
  8. Notice for a Parking Violation
  9. Notice of Failure to Process Order due to Invalid Credit Card

Sales / Promotions

  1. Acknowledgement Letter for a Project Estimate
  2. Announcement for a Closing Sale
  3. Announcement for Launching a New Product
  4. Announcement for a Price Hike
  5. Congratulations for a Newly Promoted Employee (Version-2)
  6. Acknowledgement for the Completion of a Delivery to a Customer
  7. Announcement for a Closing Sale (Version-2)
  8. Letter of Acceptance of Counter Offer
  9. Letter of Refusal of Counter Offer

Termination / Warning

  1. Letter of Suspension for Misbehaving Employee
  2. Termination Letter for Company Downsizing
  3. Termination of a Previously Approved Credit Line
  4. Warning against Incurring a Lot of Lates and Absences
  5. Warning against Misbehaving in the Office
  6. Warning against Too Much Socializing
  7. Last Warning Before Termination
  8. Termination Letter for Insubordination