Letter For Changes in Company Policy Regarding Paid Holidays

If the company policy about paid holidays has changed, here’s a simple template you can use to inform the employees about the policy changes.

General Announcement:

Please take note of the official list of legal holidays this year [year]:


As per the new company policy, only those listed above counts as a legal holiday. Therefore, they’re the only off days that the company will pay for. We are also imposing a new rule that disqualifies anyone from being eligible of the paid day off should they fail to report to work the day before or after the holiday.

We have made no changes in the requirements for eligibility for paid holidays. Only Permanent and full-time personnel may enjoy this company benefit.

Should you have any problems, or clarifications about this matter, please don’t hesitate to approach anyone from the HR Department.

Thank you,

[HR/Department name]

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