Invitation Letter For Factory Visit (Sample)

If you’d like to invite your clients for a tour of your factory, here’s a template you can use to write an invitation letter for a factory visit.

Dear [Name],

We want to thank you for choosing us as your [product] vendor. We can only guarantee you our best products and our good service. We assure you that we would do nothing to lose your trust and your generosity. May our partnership last long and stay successful.

As more concrete way to show our sincerity in our promises, we want to invite you for a visit in our facility. We want you to witness first hand how we make all of our products. We’re confident in our process and our people. We are sure that after your visit, you’ll share that feeling too. Our company is very committed to producing the most high-quality product of its kind in the market.

Please reach out to us so we can arrange your visit.

Thank you,

[Company name]

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