Employee Survey Letter (Feedback For Management)

If you’d like your employees to participate in a survey about the company and management team, here’s a letter template you can use.

Good Day Everyone!

To further improve our relationship as a [company], we are conducting a survey regarding your experiences and outlook towards the management. This activity aims to create a better working environment that all employees would enjoy and benefit from.

Attach with this letter is a survey form. Please accomplish it honestly and avoid sharing your answers to anyone. Once you’re done, you can drop the forms at any of the boxes scattered around the office.

We assure you that we will treat all of your answers with the utmost confidentiality. Refrain from citing any examples or clues in the survey that would give away your identity.

We will collect the boxes at exactly [time and date]. Please make sure that you already dropped your form in by then.

Thank you and have a great shift.

[Management, HR]

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