Letter To Decline a Gift From a Client (Sample)

If your company policy doesn’t permit you to accept gifts from clients (or suppliers), here’s an easy template you can use to write a letter to decline a gift from a client.

Dear [recipient],

I would like to express how grateful I am for the [specific gift] that you sent me.

Sadly, company policy dictates that no personnel is allowed to receive gifts from suppliers or clients. This is to avoid bribery of any kind to happen in the office.

Of course I don’t mean that your gift means anything but goodwill. However, to avoid any confusion or misinterpretation, I am sending you back your gift. In the future, should you wish to extend your appreciation to any of the employees in this company, may we suggest a charity donation. We are always happy to help our community in any way we can and the gift of opportunity to do so would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and may you have a great day!


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