Letter For Approval of Credit Application

If you’d like to authorize a client for a line of credit, you can use the simple template below to write a letter of approval for their credit application.

After reviewing your application for a new credit line here at [firm name], we have decided to approve your application. Please take note of the information below:

Name: [Company name]

Acct. number: [number]

Please don’t forget to instruct your accounting department to always write your account number on any official document that they’ll be sending to us.

We’re very pleased to do business with you. We hope that our relationship lasts a long time and that it brings both of us a great deal of success.

To express our gratitude for trusting us with your business, we want to give you a month-long discount of up to [discount] on all of your orders.

Should you have any concerns or clarifications about our agreement and our policy, please direct them to


, our [position].

Thank you,


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