Invitation Letter For Seminar (Sample)

If you plan on inviting your clients or suppliers for a company seminar, here’s an easy template you can use to write the invitation letter for the seminar.

Dear [Name],

You have been out partner for a while now. As you know, our company is very hungry for advancement. We foster growth wherever we can and we try to improve on all areas all the time. Our aim is simple, provide the best, most superior product of its kind to the market. Sadly, our excitement and hunger for advancement left our customers confused about the changes and true features of our products.

To remedy this, we at [company name] decided to conduct a seminar about all of our products. We would focus on the main benefits and features of the different products as well as a brief history of the modifications that led to its current design.

Let’s use this as an opportunity to get to know each other better and to meet new people in our industry. This is also your chance to ask us anything or throw us a suggestion. The seminar would be held at [place] at exactly [time]. We’ll be eagerly anticipating your arrival.

Thank you,

[Company name]

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