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Here’s a template you can use if you need to write a letter for suspension of an employee.

Good Day



RE: Notice of Suspension for [First/Last Name of Employee]

In response to the incident on [date], we are hereby suspending you from [date] to [date]. These forced day offs will go unpaid.

Here are the specific incidents that brought about this decision:


[incident #1]

which happened on [date].


[incident #2]

which happened on [date].

These are clear violations to company policies. You are the breaking rules which you have agreed to abide by when you joined this company.

We are hoping that you use the time off to reflect on this behavior. We would like to see changes upon your return.

Please take note of the following requirements that we expect you to comply to when you get back:

1) Accomplish a report of your activities and submitted it daily to [name].

2) Meet with [name] of human resource twice a month to talk about your progress in this matter.

Consider this your final warning. If we don’t see a changed behavior in the next [time], we will seriously consider severing your ties with the company.

Thank you,


(Date and Signature)

[Supervisor’s name]


(Date and Signature)

[Employee’s name]

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