Recommendation Letter For A Former Manager (Sample)

If you need to write a recommendation letter for a former manager, here’s an easy template you can use.

Good Day,

I am [name], [position] at [company]. I have had the honor of having [name of manager] as my manager for the last [number] years.

[name of manger] is very kind and intelligent. In all the years that I know him, he has never been unpleasant to me. This has led to us having a great and successful partnership that led to many achievements while we were at [company]. He was always a positive thinker. His mental strength is one of his best qualities. When I was with him, he seemed like an idea factory. Pumping out one great idea after the other.

[name of manager] had always been hungry for career growth. He was persistent in pushing himself and those around him to grow and reach for higher things. He’s very responsible with his deadlines. He was always willing to give more just, so the team could produce a better, higher-quality output.

I am confidently recommending

[name of manager]

for the position of [position] in your company. I believe he could do great things for you.

Thank you,


[position and company]

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