Reference Letter For A Coworker (Sample)

Here’s a template if you need to write a reference letter for a coworker.

Dear [name],

As a long-time employee in this company, I feel that I have a great deal of experience in working with people. I have developed over the years a good eye for judging good and bad employees.

All my years here have trained me to recognize which individuals can help us grow and take us farther and those who won’t.

With that said, I would like to put [name] forward for the position of [position] here at [company name].

I believe that his degree in [course] from [school] and his vast knowledge in the industry can contribute a lot to this company. I know [name] from through his family. I can honestly say that he is a good person.

I have included his résumé and his contact information here. Should you need anything more from [him/her] just let me know.



[position and company]

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