Change in Pricing Policy Letter (Sample)

Change in Pricing Policy Letter

Due to the current economic environment, you may want to change or modify your pricing policy and credit terms for your customers. Here’s a sample of my Change in Pricing Policy Letter.

Good day [recipient], 

We have always allowed our customers to pay for our good and services at a later date. However, due to rising economic problems, we felt the need to tighten the belt and revised our terms regarding that matter. 

In the event that the customer’s balance is still not settled after 15 days, we will be suspending that month’s scheduled shipments. 

If the customer fails to settle their bill after 30 days, we will be putting an amount of [amount] on top of their balance as surcharge. 

We implore your understanding regarding this matter but as business, we must keep our funds flowing to keep our business functioning. We hope this does nothing to negatively affect your good relationship with us. 

Thank you, 


[Name of sender]

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