1. Letter of Refusal of a Project Offer
  2. Customer Satisfaction Survey Request
  3. Management Feedback Form
  4. Contract Cancellation Letter
  5. Warranty Claim Letter
  6. Formal Petition Letter
  7. Request for Advice regarding a Company Problem
  8. Refusal Letter for Gifts from Clients and Suppliers
  9. Formal Letter of Complaint to a Supplier
  10. Request Letter for Late Payments (Medical Bill)
  11. Warning Letter against Defamation
  12. Site Tour Invitation Letter to Customers
  13. Seminar Invitation Letter to Customers
  14. Direct Bill Letter for a Company Guest
  15. Approval Letter for a Newly Opened Credit Line
  16. Notice to IRS about a New Contact Person for an Existing EIN
  17. Request Letter for a Dependent to be added to Insurance
  18. Changes in Company Policy regarding Paid Holidays