Notice For Parking Offense (Sample)

Here’s an easy to use template if you need to send your tenant a notice for a parking offense.



We have received reports from other tenants that a [color] [model] has occupied their parking spaces. This has happened on [number] separate occasions. Upon the checking the plate number [number] we have determined that his car belongs to you.

We understand that we have limited parking space here in the building. However, this action is inappropriate and rude to your fellow tenants. The management would like to courteously ask you to stop these activities immediately. We hope to never hear any complains about this again.

Failure to comply could result in your car being towed.

If somehow we’ve made a mistake and this car doesn’t belong to you, please let us know immediately. Should you have any other concerns that we should know about you can drop by our office to discuss it with us.

Thank you,


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