Appreciation Letter For Participating in an Event (Sample)

Here’s my template for an Appreciation Letter For Participating in an Event.

Dear (name),

I just want to drop you a quick note to say thank you for making it to our (conference name) conference. Our board members and our chairman requested that I pass along their sincere appreciation for all the efforts you have taken at our event.

You skillfully chaired what would have been an otherwise contentious discussion panel on (topic). Your skillful handling of the topic was appreciated by everyone who participated, including those with other views on the topic.

We also have been asked by many people who went to the conference to request copies of the paper you presented on (topic of paper).

From both a personal and professional level, I just want to thank you and show you my appreciation for spending time with me and my organization. I definitely learned quite a bit about the (appreciated topic) that you shared.

Currently, we’re working on documents that summarize the proceedings of the conference. We will be sending out a copy to all the participants fairly soon.

Once again, our deepest gratitude for your expert help and participation at our event. Do keep in touch and feel free to reach out to us at any time.



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