Warning Letter For Under Performance (Sample)

If one of you’re employees is under performing and you’ve decided to issue a warning letter, here’s a template that you can use to write a warning letter for under performance.

Dear [name],

Despite repeated attempts at counseling and letters of reprimands, we have seen no improvement on your performance in the company. From [month/date], your outputs have slowly declined in quality. We’d like to see some real improvement on your work, otherwise, we’ll be taking some more serious actions about it.

Here the things you should focus on:

1) [Specific Task]-[describe where the employee is getting it wrong.]

2)[Specific Task]-[describe where the employee is getting it wrong.]

You have produced better work than this and I am sad to see the current state of your outputs. I would like to work with you and try to get your old enthusiastic self back. If you want to discuss this further, approach me and we’ll work an arrangement to make it happen.



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