Written Warning For Unsatisfactory Job Performance (Sample)

If an employee has been consistently under performing in their job role, here’s a template you can use to give them a written warning for unsatisfactory job performance.

Good Day [name],

I have been told that your work performance these past few weeks hadn’t been as good as it was before. According to your supervisor[supervisor name]:

1) [incident and description of output]

2) [incident and description of output]

You’ve produced solid output for us before and I’m sure that this work dry spell that you’re experiencing will come to pass. I know how good you are in your job and I do think that you’re a vital part of this team.

Your supervisor and I have decided to shift your schedule to give us more time to talk. I would like an updated on your day to‐day progress to see where the problem is coming from and to remedy it.

Please think of this arrangement and let me know if you agree.



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