Letter of Concern For Poor Performance (Sample)

If an employee has poor performance indicators and evaluations, you may want to send them a letter of concern for poor performance using this easy template.

Dear [name],

Performance indicators and evaluations are vital to employees, so they would know which areas to improve, what their strengths are, and which of their skills have gone stagnant. These criticisms, although hard to hear, could help shape us into a person we never thought we could be. Taking these feedbacks and working on them is one of the fastest way to meet success.

[company] is very dedicated in providing their employees with an opportunity to grow. So to carry out that endeavor they have appointed me [name] from [department] to help people should they ever need guidance.

Upon looking at your records, I know that your recent performance hasn’t been looking very good. From what I observed, these are the key areas that you need to work on:

1) [describe what needs work] [cite an example]

2) [describe what needs work] [cite an example]

I would like work closely with you to help you improve these areas. I guarantee that solving these problems will shoot your productivity rate right back to the top where it was before.

Please make an effort to actively take part in this activity. If you need anything from me, just approach me at my desk in the HR office.



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