Online Inquiry Response Letter (Sample)

If you’ve received an online inquiry, here’s my template for an online inquiry response letter.

Dear (reader name),

Thank you for filling out our contact form regarding our (services/products). We appreciate the fact that you have reached out to find out more about our offerings.

In order to answer your questions regarding our (service/product line), I’m sending an enclosed catalog, pricelist, and data sheet. I’ve also taken the liberty to include background information regarding our company and our history.

As you can see, we possess a solid industry track record and we are known for our commitment to excellent customer service. You can fully trust in the fact that whatever (services/products) we offer meet the highest quality standards.

Should you have any questions, please feel more than free to phone me at (phone number), or you can also reach me via email at (email address). I look forward to helping you.



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