Referral Letter For An Employee (Sample)

You can use this easy template if you need to write a referral letter for an employee.

Good Day,

I am [name], a


at [company]. I have had the pleasure of handling [referral’s name] during his [years/months] here in the company. [He/she] was a joy to handle and never once did I have any problem with [his/her] outputs.

[referral’s name] is always hungry for growth. [He/she] is a single minded and dedicated worker who is always focused on finishing his tasks and doing an impressive job. [referral’s name] is a self starter who can work with very little supervision. [He/she] is always eager to learn and try new things.

Aside from that [he/she] is great at mingling with people. [He/she]’s always had a certain pull that gravitates people towards [him/her].

That’s why I recommended

[name of referral]

to the position of [position] in your company. You couldn’t find a better person for the role. [He/She] would never let you down.

Should you need anything more from me, reach out to me at [number] or shoot me an email at [email].

Thank you,

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