Referral Letter For A Colleague (Sample)

Here’s a template you can use to easily write a referral letter for a colleague.

Good Day,

[Referral name] was a valuable member of our team. Ever since [he/she] joined the company in [date], his contributions to us have been countless. [His/Her] great skill and vast knowledge in the industry are truly a treasure that’s hard to come by.

[He/She] had always been a positive thinker. [His/Her] fighter attitude was infectious and the team’s productivity greatly benefitted from it. [He/She] always goes above and beyond expectations. [He/She] used every one of [his/her] tasks to shine brilliantly and flaunt [his/her] skills.

There are so many positive things I could say about [Referral name] but to summarize it all,


will be greatly missed.

I am very happy to recommend [Referral name] for any appropriate position in your company.

Thank you,



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