Idea Acknowledgement Letter (Sample)

Idea Acknowledgement Letter

If you’ve received an idea and would like to send an acknowledgment letter, here’s my template for an Idea Acknowledgement Letter.

Dear (name),

This letter serves as an acknowledgement of your idea submission to our company. Please understand that we follow a certain protocol when evaluating unsolicited ideas.

Please read the terms below very closely and send us back the original. Make sure to keep a copy for your own personal records.

Our Terms:

By submitting an idea, you agree to the following:

1. Any submissions or samples will only be returned to submitter if the submitter sent prepaid return freight or postage.

2. Our organization takes no responsibility for any loss or casualty suffered by samples sent to us.

3. Our company takes no responsibility, nor can guarantee the confidentiality of any information you share with us.

4. Our company will only pay submitters compensation if all the following conditions apply:

  1. We accept your idea,
  2. We received the idea exclusively from you (the submitter), and
  3. We reached an agreement with you (the submitter) regarding the conditions and terms of the sale of your idea.

If you agree to all these terms, please sign on the indicated line and return the printout along with the document detailing your submission.

Truly yours,

The conditions and terms described above are fully acknowledged and understood.

(submitter’s signature)

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