New Manager Introduction Letter To Employees (Sample)

New Manager Introduction Letter To Employees

After you’ve hired a new manager, here’s a template you can use to introduce the new manager to your employees.

Good Day [recipient],

We are elated to let you know that [Full name] has agreed to fill the position of Senior Manager of [company]. [He/She] has [years] experience on the field of [industry] and we’re glad [he/she] decided to share that knowledge with us. [He/She] will be around starting [date].

If you have any business with [him/her] before the said date, please take it up with [Department head name], who will be incharge of [name of new hire] upon his/her arrival.

You are all invited on a small gathering on [date] to fully welcome [name of new hire] on board. Please show her the same warm regard that we all share with each other here in the company. We hope to see you there.

Thank you,


[Position in the company]

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