Apology Letters

  1. Apology And Proposed Settlement For An Overshipped Item
  2. Apology And Request For Extension For Delivery
  3. Apology And Tender Of Compensation
  4. Apology For Accounting Errors And Past-due Notices
  5. Apology For Client Refund Delay
  6. Apology For Failure To Credit The Account Of A Prompt Paying Client
  7. Apology For Late Response And Requesting Recipient For A Meeting
  8. Apology For Mistaken Past-due Notice / Accounting Error
  9. Apology For Not Crediting Payment
  10. Apology For Order Cancellation
  11. Apology For Sending Incorrect Order Item
  12. Apology For Sub-standard Service
  13. Apology To Client Regarding Employee Rudeness
  14. Apology To Customer For Accounting Error
  15. Apology To Receiver Of NSF Check
  16. Overshipment Apology
  17. Sorry Letter And Notification Of Damaged Item Replacement