Apology Letter Sample For Mistake

When you make a mistake, you can use this Apology Letter Sample for Mistake to give the reason and ask for their forgiveness.

[Sender’s Name]



[Recipient’s Name]


Dear [Recipient’s Name]

I am writing to inform you of potential delays in delivery of [Items]. This stems from an error in our internal team that led to incorrect delivery addresses in the system. We are, however, working to rectify this error and will proceed to normal operations in no time.

We apologize for this mistake and any inconvenience it might have caused you. We look to make our processes efficient in the future to curb these kinds of errors. If you need any clarifications, reach out to us on the mobile number [Number].

Once again, sorry for this mistake, and it will not happen again.

Thank you and regards,

[Sender’s Name]

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