Apology Letter Asking For Forgiveness

If you would like to apologize and ask for forgiveness, here is a sample template you can use to write an apology letter asking for forgiveness.



[Recipient’s Name]

Subject: Asking for Forgiveness

Dear [Name],

I am writing this letter to convey my deep apologies for being unable to act as was expected of me. I admit that it was my fault for being unable to gauge the gravity of my amateur and undesirable actions. I was unable to foresee the repercussion of my behavior, and I have no excuse to justify it.

I hope that you find it in your heart to forgive me for the same. Also, I hope that this particular mistake does not prevent you from putting your trust in me in the future.

Hoping for forgiveness and a chance to prove my dedication to my [work/relation].


[Your name]

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