Apology Letter For Wrong Quotation

If you accidentally submitted the wrong quotation, here is a sample apology letter for a wrong quotation.



[Receiver’s Name]

Subject: Apology for Wrong Quotation

Dear [Name],

You had approached me/us to get a quotation regarding [Subject of Quotation] on [Date]. However, there was a slight confusion at my/our end, and I/we quoted incorrect terms. This is to apologize for the misunderstanding that the wrong quotation has caused. I/we are deeply remorseful for the miscommunication and understand that it may have inconvenienced you and your operations.

I/We would like to rectify the situation by seeking your forgiveness and [any additional measures]. Despite this unfortunate incident, I/we want to assure you that my/our services are top-notch. I/We have your best interests in mind. Thank you for understanding, and I/we hope you accept the apology.


[Sender’s Name]

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