Apology Letter By A Bank To A Customer

If you are a bank employee and you’d like to apologize to a customer, here is a sample apology letter by a bank to a customer.



[Recipient’s Name]

Subject: Apology for Inconvenience Caused

Dear [Name],

This letter is in reference to your complaint regarding [reason] received on [date] at our [main/zonal] branch. We looked into the matter’s details, and we would like to deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused. We aim to provide our customers with top-quality services, and this was highly undesirable.

Due to the [reason for inconvenience], we were unable to serve you well. However, we will make the required amends to rectify our fault and solve the issue raised.

We again apologize to you and promise to serve to the best of our capabilities in the future.

Thank you for your cooperation.


[Your name]


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