Sorry Letter to Boyfriend for Hurting Him

Apologizing for a mistake is often the first step in rebuilding trust and repairing a damaged relationship. However, it’s not always easy to do it in the right way, that’s why writing a sincere letter could be just the option for you. So, here’s how you can write a sorry letter to boyfriend for hurting him.

Dear {Name},

I am so sorry for hurting you. I never meant to do anything to make you feel bad or not valued. It was never my intention to make you feel like less than what you are – an amazing and kind person. 

Please forgive me. I want to take back the hurtful words and actions that I used. To make things right, I am willing to do whatever it takes to show you how much I care and value you. 

I know that words can’t fully express how sorry I am for what happened, but please believe me when I say that the last thing I wanted to do was cause you any pain. You are the most important person in my life and I will do everything I can to make it up to you. 

I love you more than anything and am deeply sorry for what happened. Please forgive me. 


{Your Name}

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