Apology Letter Due To Late Delivery (Sample)

If you would like to apologize to a customer for a late delivery, here is a sample apology letter due to late delivery.



[Recipient Name]

Subject: Apology for Late Delivery

Dear [Name],

We are writing this regarding your order [enter order number], containing [name of the items] placed on [enter date]

We would like to inform you that the delivery of the item[s] will be taking a little more time than the expected delivery date. We truly regret any incontinence this may cause you. We will try our best to send you the order as soon as possible.

We, once again, extend our sincere apologies for this delay. We strive to serve our clients to the best of our capabilities and regret this irregularity from our side. Thank you for your patience and continuous cooperation.


[Your name]

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