Delivery Delay Letter To Customer (Sample)

If you’re anticipating a delay in the delivery of a product to your customer, here is a simple template you can use to write a delivery delay letter to your customer.

Dear [name],

We would like to apologize as we are unable to send you your item on the date you want.  We can’t thank you enough how much you trust us for the product you bought though. It means so much to us that you believe in our brand. However, as much as we want to send you the item immediately, we don’t have the sources to do so.

We didn’t want to wait any longer to tell you this news. We wanted to tell you as soon as possible so you can make any adjustments if needed. We hope you will continue to trust our band for years to come. We hope we didn’t damage our reputation because we would love to serve you more in the future.

Hoping for your kind understanding.

Truly yours,


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