Apology Letter For Not Joining A Company

If you would like to apologize for not being able to join a company, here is a sample apology letter for not joining a company.



[Company’s Name]

Subject: Apology for Not Joining the Company

Dear [Name],

I write this apology letter in the hopes that you will forgive my misdemeanor of not being able to join the company as an employee.

At the time of searching for jobs, I had applied to several companies in the hopes that I would qualify for one company. I received a job offer from a company closer to home with sufficient facilities and decided to accept the offer in time.

The job letter from your company came two days later, due to which I could not accept the same. I am grateful for the opportunity but am unable to return the gratitude. I request you to please accept my apologies and kindly oblige.


[Your Name]

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