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If you or your company is planning to go green and eco friendly, here’s my template for a Letter to Start a Green Initiative at Work.

Dear [all],

We are all aware of world’s continuously warming temperature. In the light of this our company [company name], has decided to take action and adapt green practices. This is to take our share of the responsibility of saving the planet.

From here on out, we would be implementing strict company measure to minimize the carbon footprint that we’ll leave on earth. To start with, we’ve switched to suppliers who are also taking the same initiative. We have also purchased some [energy saving machines] to reduce the electricity we consume. We have also instructed each department to reuse their [disposable products] as much as they can. The entire office has also been instructed to go paperless. All memos and announcement will be sent through email.

We guarantee our commitment in this initiative and that assure you that this company will do its part in saving the environment. 

Thank you,

[Name of sender]

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