1. Excuse Letter for PE Class Without a Doctor’s Note
  2. Excuse Letter for Absence in School due to a Family Member’s Death
  3. Excuse Letter for Long-Term School Absence
  4. Excuse Letter for Absence due to Sickness / Illness


  1. Congratulations Letter for Graduation
  2. Notifying Teacher of Student’s Medical Condition
  3. Letter informing Parents of a School Event
  4. Commendation Letter for a Teacher
  5. Follow-up Letter to Student Progress after Parent – Teacher Conference
  6. Notifying Teacher of Student’s Medical Condition (Alternate)
  7. Reporting Issues with Child’s Visit to Guidance Counsellor
  8. Cover Letter for Graduate School Admission: Minimal / No Professional History
  9. Cover Letter for Graduate School Admission: Professional History
  10. Parent Complaint Letter against a Student
  11. College Admission Acceptance Letter
  12. Home Schooling Intent Letter
  13. School Board Decision Letter of Appeal
  14. Request Letter to Correct Teacher’s Grading Error
  15. Letter of Complaint against Teacher
  16. Letter to Parents about the School’s Discipline Policy
  17. Apology Letter to Teachers
  18. Grad School Recommendation Request Letter
  19. Teacher’s Letter requesting assistance from Principal


  1. Letter of Introduction to New Teacher / School
  2. Teacher’s Letter of Introduction
  3. Introducing a Child to The Principal

Scholarships / Financial

Thank You & Requests

  1. Request Letter to transfer Teacher / Classes
  2. Request Letter for Special Education Evaluation
  3. Notifying Teacher of a Child’s Special Diet
  4. Transcripts Request by a Parent
  5. Thank You Letter for a Class
  6. Thank You Letter for a Meeting
  7. Notification to Drop a Class
  8. Transcript Request by a Student
  9. Request Letter for School Transfer
  10. Request for a School Meditation
  11. Thank You Letter to a Teacher Before Moving
  12. Homework List Request
  13. Transcript Request – Student (Alternate)
  14. Thank You Letter to Guidance Counsellor
  15. Thanking Teacher for Writing a Recommendation Letter
  16. Dean Meeting Thank You Letter
  17. Thank You Letter for Teacher’s Concern