Letter To Principal Requesting Class Change

If you believe that your child is not getting the right quality of education in their current class, here’s a simple template you can use to write a letter to the principal requesting a class change.


[principal’s name]


This letter serves as our written request to transfer [child’s name] from [teacher’s name]


class to a different class.

We have reason to believe that [child’s name] is not getting the right level of education and experience [he/she] rightfully deserves. We believe that it would be in [his/her] best interest as well as for everyone involved to change


current learning environment.

We tried working with [teacher’s name] to resolve the issues but unfortunately, we have not settled on a solution agreed by everyone involved. We feel that changing classes is the last option available to us. We are requesting for your assistance on this matter. We look forward to your prompt action.

Thank you,

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