Letter of Dropping A Class To Professor (Dropping Letter)

Are you wondering how to tell a professor you’re dropping their class? If you’ve decided to drop out of a class, here’s a simple template you can use to write a letter of dropping a class to your professor.

Dear [teacher’s name],

This is to inform you that I will drop your course for this semester. Please know that my decision for dropping your class is not in any way due to you or your style of teaching. If given the opportunity, I want to take some of the classes you teach in the future.

I have a personal reason for dropping this class now. Currently, I cannot fully commit my time to attend this course. I would rather not waste both of our time and of effort if I cannot properly devote myself to the learning process.

I am grateful for all the time you spent ensuring I get a good learning experience. I look forward to being part of your classes in the future when I can give my full focus and commit to the learnings you can share.