Letter Requesting a School Mediation (Example)

If you have a dispute with your child’s school, here is a simple template you can use to write a letter requesting a school mediation.

Dear [Mediation Official],

This letter is my written request for mediation of the dispute between the [school name] and me. I am the [parent/guardian] of [child’s name] who is currently a Grade [Grade Level] in [teacher’s name] class in this school. The school and I have a disagreement regarding [description of the disagreement].

We have worked before to find a resolution for the problem. We exchanged several correspondences and even held meetings but they were all unsuccessful, as we cannot agree on a solution. I believe that requesting mediation is our last resort to attempt to resolve this problem. I think it is crucial that we should start the mediation process immediately.

Kindly schedule a mediation as soon as possible and please let me know once the date is set. Please inform me in advance so I can prepare any needed data. You can reach me anytime at [contact information].


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