Food Allergy Letter To Teacher

If your child has allergies or special diet requirements, here’s a sample template you can use to write a food allergy letter to a teacher.


[teacher’s name]


This is to inform you that [child’s name] has a special diet due to [reason for the diet]. [Child’s name] comes to school with a pre-prepared lunch or snack to ensure


receives the right dietary supplements.

We understand that the school will have several functions and parties all throughout the year. The children usually receive treats during these events. We would like to request that you notify us as early as possible if there are any upcoming events or parties. We will provide food suitable to [child’s name] dietary requirement so [he/she] can also join the festivities. If the class will have food not planned in advance, please do not forget that unlike the other students [child’s name] has special dietary needs.

Thank you so much for your help.


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