Letter Requesting Transcripts From High School

If you’re planning on moving your child to a new school, here’s a simple template you can use to write a letter requesting transcripts from a high school.

Dear [Name of School Official],

I would like to thank your faculty for the good education received by my child, [child’s name] from your school. However, [date] is


last day in school, as our family will relocate to [location] on



I am requesting for [child’s name] school transcripts as well as [other information requested by the new school]. I want to prepare all


important paperwork in advance so [he/she] will have a smooth transition in the new school. I would be grateful if you can assist me in getting the documents I requested. I really appreciate your help in facilitating this process.

I will reach out to you within the week so we can further discuss this matter. Thank you once again for helping me.


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