Thank You Letter For Teacher From Parents (Sample)

Thank You Letter For Teacher From Parents

If you’d like to thank your child’s teacher, here’s an easy template you can use to write a thank you letter for a teacher.

Dear [teacher’s name],

I am taking this opportunity to thank you for letting me know through [phone call/letter] last [contact date] of the issue involving

[child’s name]

. I feel grateful knowing that there are teachers like you who truly care about our children’s welfare. I appreciate your time and effort in bringing your concern to our attention. I just want to make a follow up with you about this issue.

I had a lengthy discussion with [child’s name] about the problem at hand as soon as I became aware of [issue]. We agreed on some action items that we would implement to resolve this issue. It is my firm belief that you will start seeing an improvement in this area. I have set expectations with

[child’s name]

and [he/she] is fully aware that we will work together and have an open line of communication regarding this issue.

Thank you for helping my [son/daughter] and I resolve this issue. If you do not see any improvement, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.


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