Absence Letter To Teacher Due To Illness

If you would like to write a sick letter (absent letter), here is a simple template you can use to write an absence letter to a teacher due to illness.


[teacher’s name or nurse’s name]


This is to inform you that [child’s name] is now fit to go back to school. [He/She] was absent for [# days absent] but is now cleared by the doctor to return to class. I have enclosed the doctor’s note excusing [him/her] from class and the doctor’s note stating [he/she] is fit to attend classes.

[Child’s name] had [illness/medical issue] but the doctor has now declared [him/her] not contagious. There is no risk of passing any sickness or illness to other students.

I am requesting that you let me know immediately if [child’s name] is behind in any of the lessons and class work. I will do my best to ensure that he/she will catch up with the missed lessons.

Thank you,

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