School Discipline Policy Letter To Parents

Here’s a sample template you can use to write a School Discipline Policy Letter To Parents.

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Schools should be a safe environment where teachers can impart their learnings and students are free to learn. We strive to achieve that kind of environment so we established our criteria for student discipline where we want students to have accountability for their actions. We want to ensure that students, as well as their families,  know the school’s policies and procedures and thus promote a positive and good educational experience.

We want to enforce our rules fairly and consistently without delay. So please check the information below to know more about our School’s policies.

  1. [School Discipline Policy]
  2. [School Discipline Policy]
  3. [School Discipline Policy]
  4. [School Discipline Policy]

Please help us ensure that your child understands what the school expects from them. Kindly take time to talk to them about these policies.

Do not hesitate to reach out to me directly should you have any questions or clarifications.

Thank you,

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