Letter From Parents To School About Guidance Counselor

If you would like the school to get your permission before your child sees a guidance counselor, here is a simple template you can use to write a letter to the school about counseling.

Dear [Principal’s name],

This is to inform you that I am requesting that you notify me before setting up [child’s name] with any guidance meetings.

I learned that your school’s guidance counselor had a one on one meeting with [child’s name] on [date]. My child felt upset and confused after the said meeting, which leads me to believe that your guidance counselor did not handle the meeting properly.

I do understand the importance of a guidance counselor as they can assist the students in different ways. As I am sure you are aware though, every child is different. I am not questioning the capability of your school’s counselor but as a human being [he/she] cannot possibly understand all the different needs of every child. I believe this is one of those situations where the counselor cannot connect to a child’s emotional state regarding a certain situation.

[Child’s name] is not comfortable with the guidance counselor.  I am requesting that [he/she] will no longer have any more counseling meetings without informing me in advance.

Thank you for understanding and for respecting my wishes.


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