Letter To Principal From Teacher (About Student)

If you need help with one of your students, as a teacher, you can use this simple template to write a letter to the principal about the student.

Dear [Principal’s name],

I am writing to request for your assistance regarding an issue involving one of my students. For the past [time period] I feel that it has become more difficult to handle [student’s name]. [He/She] is in my


period [subject] class. [He/She] has shown [specific issue/behavior].

I already reached out to [student’s name]’s parents and discuss the issue with them in a conference. However, we have not agreed on a way to resolve the problem as [his/her] parents stated that they have a complaint about [reason for complaint].

As a teacher, I feel that this student’s education is in jeopardy as we failed to reach an agreement on a plan for action. As [student’s name] is part of my class, this issue also affects the class as a whole.  I am requesting that you step in and help us find the right solution for this matter.

Thank you,

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