Request letter to correct Teacher’s Grading Error

Dear [Teacher’s name],

I would like to request that you review [child’s name] grade on the [homework/test]. I always review [his/her] scores and works. I noticed that on the [test/homework], there is a possible error in the process of grading.

You marked [Child’s name]’s answer to Question # [number] as incorrect. However, upon verification, [his/her] answer is actually the correct. Here is my information that supports that this answer is correct:

[Written source, documentation or problem solution]

I understand that with your workload, oversights like this can happen. I know how busy teachers are, so I really appreciate your time and effort to look into this and correct the grade. If you do not think that

[child’s name]

’s answer to that question is correct, please get in touch with me as soon as you can to resolve this concern. You can reach me at [contact information].


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