Excuse Letter For PE Class Without A Doctor’s Note

Here is a PE excuse note sample that you can use to write a letter for your child who needs an excuse for not doing PE at school.

Physical education, or PE, is an important part of any school curriculum. It helps students stay physically active and teaches them important teamwork and social skills.

However, what happens when a student can’t attend PE class due to an illness or injury? We’ll provide an excuse letter for PE class from parents that you can use as a template.

Dear [PE Instructor],

Please excuse my [son/daughter], [child’s name] from the strenuous activities of the Physical Education class today, [date]. [He/She] has [reason for excuse]. I would really appreciate if you would not subject [him/her] to any form of physical exercise. I believe that with proper rest, [he/she can fully recuperate and can start participating in PE class tomorrow. I will take him to the doctor there is no improvement in [his/her] condition tomorrow.

[Child’s name] should still be able to perform any necessary non-physical tasks and can continue to study. Kindly exempt her in physical activities only.

Please do not hesitate to call me anytime between [available times] if you have any concerns or questions. My phone number is [contact number].

Thank you,