Excuse Letter For PE Class Without A Doctor’s Note

Here is a PE excuse note sample that you can use to write a letter for your child who needs an excuse for not doing PE. at school.

Dear [PE Instructor],

Please excuse my [son/daughter], [child’s name] from the strenuous activities of the Physical Education class today, [date]. [He/She] has [reason for excuse]. I would really appreciate if you would not subject [him/her] to any form of physical exercise. I believe that with proper rest, [he/she can fully recuperate and can start participating in PE class tomorrow. I will take him to the doctor there is no improvement in [his/her] condition tomorrow.

[Child’s name] should still be able to perform any necessary non-physical tasks and can continue to study. Kindly exempt her in physical activities only.

Please do not hesitate to call me anytime between [available times] if you have any concerns or questions. My phone number is [contact number].

Thank you,

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