Introduction Letter From Teacher To Parents (Sample)

Here’s a sample template you can use to write an Introduction Letter From a Teacher To Parents.

Dear [Subject/Grade Level] Students and Families,

I would like to welcome you to the school year. As we start school, I want to introduce myself and set some expectations.

I am [name] and I have [number] years of teaching experience. My favorite subject to teach is [subject] and I will try my best to ensure we make an enjoyable learning environment for you.

In order to have a positive environment that promotes effective learning, I have established some guidelines in class. I created these guidelines to help all my students know and understand what they can expect from me as their teacher and what I expect from them as my students.

As my students’ parents, I am asking for your help to ensure our students get our desired academic experience. Please take time to read the policies below and kindly explain these to your children.

  1. [Classroom Policy]
  2. [Classroom Policy]
  3. [Classroom Policy]
  4. [Classroom Policy]

I know that by working together, we can provide a great year for the students. Please reach out to me at [contact information] should you have any questions.

Thank you,

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