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  1. Requesting for a Sabbatical
  2. Requesting a leave for Confidential Reasons
  3. Notifying for Work Resumption
  4. Requesting leave for Medical, Business (or) Personal Reasons

Announcements & Requests

  1. Requesting for Machine Repair
  2. Reporting Stolen Item
  3. Applying Outside of Department
  4. Requesting for Volunteers
  5. Reporting of Potential Hazards
  6. Requesting for Additional Tasks
  7. Requesting for Additional Training
  8. Requesting for Educational Assistance
  9. Requesting Seminar Fee Reimbursment
  10. Unfavorable Recommendation Letter
  11. Reporting Self – Injury
  12. Inquiry to Reference
  13. Job Non – Acceptance
  14. Introducing Yourself as New Manager
  15. Letter for Rejecting a Candidate Employee after an Interview
  16. Letter Rejecting Counter Offer
  17. Informing Transfer / Promotion within Company
  18. Requesting Insurance Coverage for New Employee
  19. Letter to Cancel a Job Offer after Background Verification
  20. Supporting Employee Immigration Application
  21. Letter Announcing the Retirement of Employee


  1. Complaint on Poor Working Conditions
  2. Letter to Human Resources reporting an incident of Harassment
  3. Filing Formal Complaint against a Manager
  4. Filing Complaint on Inaccurate Evaluation
  5. Report to Compliance (or) Legal Office
  6. Requesting for New Desk / Seat Position
  7. Filing Privacy Complaint against Colleague


  1. Letter to Employee for Twenty Fifth Anniversary
  2. Letter on a Job Well Done
  3. Letter for New Company Launching
  4. Letter for Great Milestone
  5. Letter to Congratulate on New Job
  6. Letter on New Business
  7. Letter for Meat Pitch to Potential Customer

Cover Letters

  1. Application Letter for Marketing / Communication Jobs
  2. Generic Format of a Cover letter
  3. Application: Accounting and Finance
  4. Application for an Entry – Level Position
  5. Application for an Internal Position
  6. Application as IT Professional
  7. Application as Mechanical (or) Electrical Engineer
  8. Switching Industries (or) New Career Path
  9. Application for Technical Position

Cover Sheets

  1. Letter on Placing Bid as Builder to Client
  2. Providing Invoice from Programmer to Client
  3. Cover Letter to Contractor on Non – Disclosure Agreement
  4. Letter from Design / Advertising on Delivery of Materials
  5. Executive Letter to Request for Reimbursment
  6. Cover Letter for Submission of Work as a Writer
  7. Letter from Attorney on Settlement Package
  8. Cover Letter Form Consultant on Contract Transmission
  9. Cover Letter for Lawn Service Bid
  10. Cover Letter from Photographer on Package and Payment Request
  11. Cover Letter from Editor on Request for Novel Rewrite
  12. Cover Letter from Marketing Firm Re: Questionnaire
  13. Cover Letter from Accountant Re: Invoice and Tax Documents

Job Application

  1. Recommendation Letter for Baby-Sitting Work
  2. Letter to set Appointment for Job Interview
  3. Letter for Job Networking : With Referral
  4. Letter for Job Networking: Without Referral
  5. Letter to Manager on Job Opportunity
  6. Thank You Letter after Interview
  7. Follow-up Letter after Resume Submission
  8. Letter to Negotiate Salary Increase
  9. Letter of Response to Application: Kept on File


  1. Letter for Request of Promotion
  2. Letter of Congratulations on Promotion
  3. Follow-up Letter on Request for Promotion
  4. Letter for Rejecting Promotion Request


  1. Letter of Request for a Salary Raise
  2. Alternate Letter of Request for Salary Raise
  3. Letter to Reject Raise Request
  4. Letter to Turn Down Request for Raise


  1. Letter to Accept Resignation
  2. Letter to change Date of Resignation
  3. Letter of Resignation due to Mistreatment
  4. Letter of Farewell
  5. Resignation Letter for New Job
  6. Letter of Announcement for Retirement
  7. Letter of Retirement