Cover Letter For Invoice Submission (Software Developer)

If you’re a software developer and need to send your client an invoice after the project is completed, here’s a sample template to write a cover letter for invoice submission.

Dear [name of client],

It was a pleasure to be of assistance to you. I feel thrilled to know that you are satisfied with our product and that your brand new interface is working well without any issue. 

Enclosed is your copy of the sign-off document of this project, which is now complete.

Attached is a copy of your invoice for the services and project fees. It would be great if you could soon put this next in line for payment. appreciate if you would put this invoice in line for payment as soon as possible. We give our clients 30 days to complete their payments.

Should you have any more concerns, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Thank you very much for supporting our services.


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