Letter To Introduce Yourself (Internal Transfer or New Promotion)

If you’ve recently been promoted or transferred to a new department, here’s a template you can use to write a letter to introduce yourself to your new manager and team.

Dear [name],

I am writing this letter to gladly inform you that I have recently been [promoted/transferred] to [new position] of the [name of department/branch/organization].

I would also like to introduce myself. I am [name], and I have been working in the field of [field] for [number of years] years. I believe this experience has provided me with insights into the demands and needs of customers. My daily philosophy is that our customers are the ones who make us succeed in our field.

Given that  [Name of branch/company/organization] has a reputation for its high-quality service, I will ensure that I can maintain that high esteem. I am pleased to providing your [service needed, such as financial/insurance/etc.]

My lines are always open should you need to communicate with me or ask for assistance via phone or email at [number/email address]. I’m looking forward to meet and work with everyone and hope that you do to.


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