Letter Requesting For Educational Assistance (Sample)

If you plan on requesting assistance from your company in order to pay for your tuition or higher education, here’s a template you can use to write a letter requesting educational assistance.


[person in charge or supervisor]


In accordance with the company policy on educational assistance, I am submitting the attached Educational Assistance application form. I am aware that this company only shoulders payments for higher education regarding areas that can provide overall benefit for the company.

At present, I am enrolling for classes to complete my [Bachelor’s/Master’s/Doctor in Philosophy] in [area of curriculum]. I believe that studying this area will be beneficial for the company by [enumerate 1–2 benefits of pursuing higher education].

Given my current degree and credentials, I have come to a plateau in this company. I am motivated to sharpen my skills so I can advance inside of the company. I would also like to provide this company with improved service.

I will appreciate your consideration of my request for educational assistance.


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